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TD Ameritrade | NFL Fans

TD Ameritrade | NFL Fans


During the 2015-16 NFL season, we launched a campaign for TD Ameritrade in which Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck shared some the greatest returns he gets out of his investment in football. To extend this campaign, we wanted to understand what NFL fans get from their investment in their team. After interviewing hundreds of fans across the league, we highlighted four to showcase their unexpected and powerful returns on fandom.


Marie - Houston Texans
If you ask Marie what she gets out of being a Houston Texans fan, she'll tell you it's seeing her son light up and smile.


Pat - Seattle Seahawks
Stroke survivor Pat found out what it means when Seahwaks fans say they are β€œall in.”


Melissa & Jordan - New York Jets
Meet mother-daughter fans Melissa and Jordan and find out what they get out of being New York Jets fans.