TD Ameritrade x NFL

TD Ameritrade believes that the best returns in life are the ones that can't be measured in dollars. We were tasked with creating an NFL campaign that brought that strategy to life using Andrew Luck, the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts ( of the highest paid players in the league).

To do this, we wanted to showcase what Andrew gets out of his investment in football outside of the game. Fortunately for us, this came naturally to him as he proved to be incredibly genuine, kind, and humble. Even though he's only a few years into his NFL career, he's already established himself as a role model both on and off the field. To Andrew, some of his greatest returns come from interacting with fans, his football camps and especially his book club.

TD Ameritrade: "Returns" ft. Andrew Luck
Director: Mark Romanek

We also captured Andrew elaborating on some of his greatest returns off the field for social content.

Andrew Luck's Book Club

Andrew Luck's Skills Camp